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2019-07-16 00:13

Started with $100, My 4 Month Journey with Amazon FBA and Online Reselling

I have started talking about this a while back and I mean the start of this year. I posted several posts on my Amazon FBA/eBay business and so far it has been a great learning curve and journey. I have now more recently decided to focus on Amazon FBA because now I am back to […]

What Happens After the Click? I Tested 3 Smartlink Systems and One Came Out a Winner

With every traffic, you have to try to monetize every click possible. That is why there are tricks to monetize back buttons, on click pops, timed redirection, etc. Make that single click worth it. I personally just try to monetize the traffic I am buying with smart links.

Anstrex Push Ad Spy Tool, a Quick Run Down and a Spy Function No Other Tool Have

I have been slacking I know… I posted about a push ad spy tool and that I would do a review but time is always against me. When I started writing about push notification ads months back, I was impressed with the quality and started to test their traffic from different networks.

Can’t Figure Out What to Promote? AdBridge New SmartOffer System Will Do it For You.

Affiliates, we are lazy. This is why there are ad spy tools out there for us to see what is already working. All we do is just want to load up a campaign and forget it. With so many offers out there and tons of traffic sources popping up how do you get to test […]

How to Make Money by Managing WordPress Blogs? Is it Possible?

Making money online has become an achievable endeavor thanks to the WordPress platform. Before WordPress, you’d have to deal with the technical challenge of setting up a blog and spend a lot of money to keep things running smoothly. Today,

The Main Reason I Switched from Apple iPhone to a Google Pixel is because of the Ecosystem

Recently I decided to upgrade my Apple iPhone 6 to a Google Pixel 3. It has been a while since I got a new phone. Apple products are so good that I rarely need to upgrade. I am still on my Macbook pro from 2013! I have traveled all around the world with this Macbook […]

7 Things You Need to Start an eBay or Amazon Business

Over the past 3 months, I realized that it takes much more than putting sloppy pictures to succeed in online selling on eBay and Amazon. I learned it the hard way, and the failures and successes I had allowed me to narrow down the seven fundamental things you need to succeed in both Amazon and […]

This Push Notification Spy Tool will Help You with Your First Push Ad Campaigns.

I have been talking about Push Notification campaigns for a while now. I argued with myself that it can not be ‘botted’ – meaning that it would be hard for a bot to crawl these ads. Why? Simple. They are not on a website to crawl, they are on devices. These alerts happen off the […]

My First Impressions on Growing My Own Private Push Network – Blog Version

As you know I have been talking about push traffic lately. I think it is a great source of traffic as these are opted in users. They have to acknowledge that they are going to receive notifications from you. As the world of online marketing is evolving, I have decided to try to grow my […]

Monetize Your Website with Push Notifications Instead of Annoying Your Readers with Banners

If you’ve created a website, chances are you’ve already put in a lot of your effort or time ensuring it is just as you would like it to be. After sharing your website on countless media sites, you might have wondered why the money isn’t pouring in yet. The good news is there are a […]

Buy Bot Pro Review – One Unique Feature in this Chrome Extension for Online Arbitrage Sellers

So it has been 2 months since I started to dabble in eBay and Amazon eCom. I have learned a lot via Youtube and just reading online and actually doing it myself. I also have tested a lot of tools and I think this is one chrome extension that is needed! Online arbitrage refers to […]

Easiests Way to Start as an eCom Affiliate. Quickly Find Profitable Ads Online and Replicate

Start Spying on Profitable eCom Offers by simply spying. I am going to show you how to find profitable and even help you find other eCom offers to promote without ever owning the product. Now just a couple days ago, I wrote the reasons why you should not start a Shopify store. Especially if you […]

If You Are New, Don’t Start a Shopify Store, Start as an eCom Affiliate

Seems like that everyone wants to catch this trend of the next big thing but never understand how to market anything. It kind of baffles me that users want to make sales but do not know how to promote. Here is a video of me explaining why affiliate marketing should be your foundation:

FlyWheel Review, 5 Simple WordPress Hosting Critiques I Think Are Important for Your First Blog

Flywheel happens to be a premium WordPress hosting provider that is particularly useful for the freelancers, designers as well as creative agencies. I recently just switched over to them from a dedicated host. Now I am going to share some points in this review that I have experienced.

[TRENDING] How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing 2.0 in 2019 – The Strategy You Never Knew

There seems to be a misunderstanding of what affiliate marketing is and I want to clear this out. The reason for this post is because the industry that took me from my job is being frowned upon and being reworded in a way that I think is false. There seems to be a misunderstanding of […]

[TRENDING] How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing 2.0 in 2019 – The Strategy You Never Knew

There seems to be a misunderstanding of what affiliate marketing is and I want to clear this out. The reason for this post is because the industry that took me from my job is being frowned upon and being reworded in a way that I think is false. There seems to be a misunderstanding of […]

My First Month as an eBay Reseller – Income Report, Hurdles, and a Picture Perfect Product

It has been a month or maybe even less, since I told you that I was starting an eCom venture. To do this I started with eBay to understand the product, selling, customer service, ratings, etc. When I first started online, this is where I started, eBay.

Start Using This High-Quality Site to Grow Your List by Simply Answering Questions

So I guess I will post this as my buddy Manu exposes one of the traffic sources that I use to grow my leads. If you are not subscribed to his daily affiliate newsletter, I suggest you do so. I look forward to it every morning, even though he posts the exclusive sources from time […]

I Flew Over to FlyWheel for My WordPress Dedicated Hosting – My First Impressions

A couple days ago I recently switched from a dedicated server to a dedicated WordPress hosting provider, FlyWheel. I hope you guys didn’t notice any difference on the blog. Everything was seamless with the migration and the support was super on point. Now,

Top 7 Youtubers to Watch When Starting Out as an eBay and Amazon Seller

Ever since I started back on eBay and Amazon, I have just been consuming information during my first week. I also document my journey through IG Story and Facebook Stories and you have been asking me how to start. The craziest part is I’m just as noobish as you are, I literally started 3 weeks […]

Restrictions on Amazon FBA. How to Focus on What Isn’t Gated and Profit

Along side my eBay venture, I also signed up to Amazon FBA. If I am selling on eBay might as well go for it on Amazon as well. Everyone says that it is a bit late to get in the game. As the saying goes, the best time to start is now. Yes, I would […]

DatsPush Review – LeadBit Push Notification Ad Network

Push Notification is getting some solid traction the start of 2019. I have been testing some push notification traffic sources and I want to go more in-depth about DatsPush since I have been getting FB Messages about it. First, make sure to take a look at my case studies that I have done in the […]

First Sales on eBay for the New Year. Might be Easier than Affiliate Marketing?

This year I am experimenting with my old roots. I want to try to get back into eBay then slowly evolve into Amazon FBA. If you know my roots, I started in the online space via eBay. My eBay history started with me just selling stuff that I didn’t need. Then with my job at […]

Affiliate Marketing was Dead in 2018, Now in 2019 it Is Rotting Away

Happy New Year. Let’s get that out of the way first. So the year of 2018, there has been a lot of changes and yes, affiliate marketing is dead… Not really, but it is heavily changing. With the year focusing on the data and privacy of how ads are distributed. Ad price increases and blackhat […]

DatsPush Case Study Results After One Week – 1 Campaign, 2 Countries

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! This is the last post of the year. I hope to bring more blog content in 2019! Tell me what you want to see in 2019. Now, I am updating you on the case study that I posted several days ago with LeadBit traffic platform, DatsPush. The campaign is […]

Going to Try a Different Style of eCommerce in 2019, eBay Arbitrage

When I first started online, I started with ebay. Basically selling things out of my house to first fund myself, which then I started buying bulk inventory form Alibaba. This is still a huge business today. I want to try my hand at it again. Ofcourse there will be competition but at least I do […]

My 24 Hour Setup and Results with LeadBit’s Push Network, DatsPush

With Push traffic gaining rise, I decided to test another push traffic source, DatsPush. First, let me say thanks to Olga for providing me some insights about the network at Affiliate World Asia.

Why This is the Best Affiliate Theme for Your WordPress Affiliate Blog

After such an amazing conference at Affiliate World Asia, I am back at it and I want to share a theme that I use on my blog to push white hat affiliate offers. I am not going to tell you the top affiliate themes to use, because it is impossible to test them all. That […]

Affiliate World Asia, Bangkok – Retina Scans, eCom Talks, and a Truly Engaged Conference

I just got back from Affiliate World Asia, Bangkok, Thailand. It was another great show put out by the iStack and STM team. Currently, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I am going to post what I took from this event. I have written about Affiliate World in the past before and there is […]

What the Aff Founder, Manu Cinca Discusses His Affiliate Journey and his Transition to his New Daily

Manu and I decided to have a conversation about his project, – a daily newsletter for the affiliate marketing industry. I compared it to another popular daily newsletter I read daily and we go in-depth about his past into his current online career.

Use this Back Button Script and Exit Intent Code to Convert Unwanted Conversions

When buying traffic you want to try to monetize every bit of it as much as you can. This post is something you should bookmark. Just in case your traffic doesn’t convert, you still want to try to monetize it any way possible – trying to retain your ad spend as much as you can. […]

Which WordPress Optin PopUp is Better? Thrive Leads vs ConvertPlus vs Ninja PopUps

Sooooo many popups, lead magnets, optin boxes, lead gen forms, etc – which to chose? Well, I will help you chose as I have used all three of the plugins I am about to share with you today. The best part is these are they still active on my sites, so I can give you […]

affLIFT: Affiliate Forum Review, A Brand New Forum in the Affiliate Learning Space

When it comes to trying to make it in the online space, specifically affiliate marketing, you need someone to help you or better yet a community. I wrote about other affiliate forums on this blog prior as well to help you with your first affiliate campaigns. Now,

Rise of Push Traffic. Will Affiliates Destroy this Opportunity? Ofcourse

I have been talking about Push traffic lately after the introduction of post. As I started buying more push traffic and researching what others are doing, I realize this is a traffic source that is brand new. It is a fairly new source.,I think just 2 years old. First,

Anstrex vs Adplexity: 5 Differences Anstrex is a Versatile Ad Spy Platform

When it comes to ad spy tools, there are many out there that you can use. Even Facebook decided to expose all the ads from their advertisers publicly as well. With tools out there to help your campaigns, Adplexity is one I have written about, it can be hard to choose. Here is another one […]

Everad Network, In Depth Questions with Marketing Director Stanislav Makeev

Before the weekend starts, I have some solid information from a marketing director from an affiliate network, Everad. They are essentially a product owner, a network, a call center, and affiliate managers that love to give a way rewards.

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