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2019-07-16 04:23

Great Traits to Have as an Employee (But Terrible to Have as an Entrepreneur)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then chances are that you look up to John Chow, at least to some degree. You look to him for advice, guidance and tips for how you too can achieve the dot com lifestyle and making a comfortable living on the Internet.

Content Curations Tips and Future Challenges You Will Face As A Blogger

When blogging it’s all about writing engaging content which engaging your readers. If you can engage your reader, then you’ll have an easier time converting them at a later time. However,

Rare Porsche Carrera GT At South OC Cars and Coffee

This week’s South OC Cars and Coffee featured a ton of super cool cars, including an extremely Porsche Carrera GT, AKA The Widow Maker, because it will kill you if you don’t respect it. Check it out, along with all the other cars in the video! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

The Smartest Kid in Class

Hank and John Green are two of the best known names in the world of YouTube, having spawned several channels and projects over the years. They made their mark with Vlogbrothers starting way back in 2007 (which remains hugely popular to this day),

How to Increase Conversions with Live Chat

Have you considered adding live chat to your website? Live chat is a great way to provide convenient customer support to your customers. And consumers love using live chat to contact businesses. In fact, according to a study from TechJury,

How To Create Content Like Your Presenting to an Audience

Creating content is one thing, but you have to know how to present it to people in a fashion where they ca pull out the value. It’s no good if you write content and can’t get people to engage with it, right? This will cause you to put all this effort and in the end not be able to get […]

Why You’re Losing Email Subscribers (And How to Fix it)

Are you losing email subscribers? Your email list is one of the most powerful tools for your business. You can use your email marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website, increase user engagement, generate sales, and more. It’s important that your email subscribers stick around. So,

Excellence Is a Habit

I mean, I get it. A lot of you have likely grown tired of the motivational posters over the years. After getting bombarded on social media with inspirational quotes placed against inspirational backgrounds, many of these words have started to lose all meaning. Even so,

Track Day Cars At South OC Cars and Coffee

This week at South OC Cars and Coffee, we check out some really fast track day cars, including the single seater BAC Mono and Ariel Atom. Lots of other cars to check out as well. Enjoy! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

How To Obtain Maximum ROI On Your Blog Content

When setting up any type of marketing it’s important you obtain maximum content ROI. This will ensure you are getting closer to your bottom line and are making money from your blog. However, many people have trouble maximizing their profits because they DON’T keep an eye on what matters.

4 Deceptively Simple Tasks You Should Outsource

No matter how dedicated or determined you think that you are, at the end of the day, you are still just one person. That means you have the same 24 hours as everyone else, the same 7 days in a week. And while you may be fueled by some unbridled enthusiasm and passion in the early days,

13 Tips To Becoming A Successful Freelancer

Do you love to write? Have you ever dreamed of turning your passion into a full time career? Just imagine waking up in the morning excited by what the day had in store and the numerous projects just waiting for you to sink your teeth into and enjoy.

Is 360 Video Just a Passing Fad?

If you want to be successful online, regardless of how you choose to define success, you need to be willing to do more than the bare minimum. Blogging is great, but you should also have great photos to go with your blog posts. You want a strong social media presence,

Use These 6 Tools Before Starting Your Next Business

Starting a business can be tough because there are so many tedious steps involved. However, with the right set of tools it doesn’t have to be a complete headache. Over the years, I must have started over 15 businesses, and have learned a lot about what works. For example,

Make Money With DaoPush Push Notifications Network

I don’t need to tell you that getting the attention of the average user these days is harder than ever before. In this relentless deluge of content and information, it’s very easy to get lost in the mix. You need to grab the attention of the user, standing out from the rest,

Ferrari Pista + Glamping At South OC Cars and Coffee

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, we go glamping at South OC Cars and Coffee to check out all the cool cars, including a really limited edition Ferrari 488 Pista! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

How to Find Orphan Pages in WordPress

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be challenging at the best of times. It’s not an exact science, for starters, and it’s also a constantly moving content. Google is updating its algorithm all the time, so while a tactic (black hat, white hat, or anything in between) can be very effective today,

Top Chef Lunch At Tackle Box Costa Mesa

The Tackle Box is a local “grub shack” that serves quick, simple, and unique flavors that appeal to the masses. The restaurant was founded by Brian Huskey of Top Chef Season 11. Chef Brian was a top 5 finisher on the show.

Product Reviews 101: A Guide for Business and Branding Experts

From an overall branding, marketing and reputation management perspective, product reviews play a crucial role in determining not only how a potential customer may perceive your brand or product, but also whether or not they choose to complete a purchase.

My Ultimate Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social Media has exploded over the internet and content marketing is braving new unchartered waters and its races to keep up with the tides. Like any new sailor embarking on an epic journey, content marketers face fears of the unknown and the unpredictable storms that await. However,

How To Make Money On YouTube without Making A Single Video

In this video I will show you how to make money online with YouTube without you having to produce a single video. This is perfect for the lazy internet marketer who wants to make money without doing any work. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

How to Write the Perfect Case Study to Boost Sales

Are you wondering how to write the perfect case study? A case study is a true story of how one of your customers solved their issues using your product/service. It has everything a good story has: a beginning, a middle, and an end.

4 Free Logo Maker Tools to Brand Your Blog

Branding is just as important for your little blog on the Internet as it is for mega corporations like Samsung and Tesla. While you probably don’t have the same kind of advertising and marketing budget to put together a Super Bowl commercial,

The Differences Between WordPress and Google Blogger

You’ve done it! You’ve finally made the decision to jump into the blogging world. All that’s left to do is sort out the details. So how do you decide where to begin? You’ve got thousands of ideas floating around just itching to get out but how do you organize them and where do you post them?

Daily Driven Exotics At South OC Cars and Coffee

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I check out all the cool cars at this week’s South OC Cars and Coffee. There was a ton of them thanks to a record turn out. I also got a chance have a little chat with the popular YouTube channel, Daily Driven Exotics.

Just Tracking Your Metrics Isn’t Enough

You hear it all the time. If you want your blog to be successful, you need to treat it like a business. The same is true if you want to stick to Internet marketing, if you want to grow a YouTube channel, or any other kind of endeavor.

Stags’ Leap Wine Tasting Dinner At The Rusty Pelican

One of the cool things about having a successful blog and YouTube channel is you get invitations to some really cool events, like a wine tasting dinner with Stags’ Leap and the Rusty Pelican. Stags’ Leap is a winery in the Napa Vally.

Crowd Cow Craft Beef Customer Service Experience

In this video, I share with you my recent customer service experience with a steak order from Crowd Cow. I ordered four Cowboy Ribeyes but was sent four Porterhouse steaks that were mislabeled as ribeyes. Watch the video to see what Crowd Cow did about it.

How to Make the Most of Social Video as Demand Continues to Boom

At some point around the turn of the millennium, the internet started to completely change the way people consume content and information. More recently, the rise of mobile and social media have changed the way websites, businesses and brands create content to engage with new audiences.

How to Add Social Proof to Your Website (And Why You Should)

Are you looking for a way to drastically boost conversions on your website? Look no further than social proof. The term social proof describes “a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation”. For instance,

Crowd Cow Craft Beef Book Review

On this episode of the Dot Com Lunch, we check out the new Rylo 360 camera and review the Craft Beef book from the founders of Crowd Cow. You may recalled that I unboxed some A5 Wagyu steaks from Crowd Cow awhile back. Well, they sell other beef besides super expensive steaks,

Italian Design Vs. German Engineering at South OC Cars & Coffee

On this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, John Benitez and I check out all the cool cars at the South OC Cars and Coffee, and pit German engineering against Italian design. Plus lot of other fun stuff. Enjoy! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

Learn to Fail Fast and Often

Generally speaking, you set out on any sort of new venture or activity at least with the hope (if not the outright expectation) of success. If you figured that you were going to fail all along, you probably wouldn’t have gotten started in the first place.

How To Create Your First Sales Funnel

In this video I show you how to create your first sales funnel with the One Funnel Away Challenge. Registration for the ClickFunnel One Funnel Away Challenge has reopened but it will close on June 16th at 9PM EST. If you haven’t registered yet, then you better do it now.

How to Easily Destroy Your Landing Page Tests

No matter what product(s) you are trying to sell, it’s important you always conduct the right amount and kinds of tests. These will help ensure you are finding out what you can about your audience which will help you convert going forward. However,

How to Create a Resource Library to Boost Email Subscribers

Are you wondering how to grow your email list quickly? Well, have you heard about a little thing called a resource library? A resource library is basically a page on your website where you have all of your optin freebies in one spot.

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