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2019-05-21 21:50

Podcast 146: Niche Site Project 4 Income Report for April 2019

During this episode, I discuss the results from my Niche Site Project 4 site from April 2019.  You can also read the official income report right here. Read the Full Transcript Spencer: Hey, everyone. It’s Spencer Haws here with…The post Podcast 146:

Kartra Review: How to Tackle All Your Online-Marketing Challenges With Kartra Even If You Are a Comp

Kartra is an all-in-one, goal-oriented marketing platform that aims to center every aspect of the selling process into one single tool rather than multiple platforms.  In this Kartra review, I'll be sharing the specific features and strategies you can use…The post Kartra Review:

Podcast 145: How Jon Dykstra is Making Over $40k Per Month Mostly with Display Ads and Informational

Jon Dykstra from has a great business with several niche sites. In fact, one of his niche sites is making over $40,000 a month!   I was able to sit down with Jon recently and interview him for the Niche…The post Podcast 145:

Record Month for Traffic and Earnings! Niche Site Project 4 April 2019 Report

What happened in April with my site was EPIC! I knew that April was going to be a good month, because I could see the traffic trending up.  However,

My Newest Project: Building a Premium WordPress Plugin

I've been keeping a secret from you.  Shhh!   Don't tell anyone else, but I've been working on creating a premium WordPress plugin (one I plan to charge money for) behind your back. I'm not launching anything today, that's still…The post My Newest Project:

Podcast 144: Warren Buffet Evolution: The True Costs to Build a Blog (Niche Site Project 4 Expenses)

When Warren Buffet was a young investor he employed one particular strategy that worked really well; however, over time his investment strategies evolved as opportunities changed. My niche site strategies have evolved from very low investment per site to greater…The post Podcast 144:

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog or Niche Website? The Total Investment Spent on Niche Site Pro

I have a small confession to make.  I've started hundreds of blogs (or niche websites) in the past 10 years. So, how much does it cost to start a blog or a content website? The cost can be as low…The post How Much Does it Cost to Start a Blog or Niche Website?

Podcast 143: The Boston Marathon and Business + NSP4 Monthly Update

This podcast episode is a bit different. I spend a few minutes telling the story of my 2018 Boston Marathon experience.  I'll let you listen in for all the details, but the marathon did not go as expected to say…The post Podcast 143:

8x Earnings Growth for March 2019! Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report

I'm excited to share that REALLY good things are starting to happen for my Niche Site Project 4 site! The last few monthly results have felt pretty…lame.  Even though that is to be expected for a brand new site,

The Best Amazon Affiliate Linking Tools Showdown: My Final 4 Picks!

March Madness is in the air and after watching some sweet 16 games last night, I thought I'd join in on the action.  My dominant basketball days are over, so I'll just stick with recommending software tools to help your…The post The Best Amazon Affiliate Linking Tools Showdown:

Best WordPress Hosting Options: A Blogger and Affiliate Marketer’s Review

So, you are looking for the best wordpress hosting?  Well, you've come to the right place, I'm going to cut through the fluff and show you the best options (not just the ones that have the highest paying affiliate program).…The post Best WordPress Hosting Options:

49 Best Affiliate Programs and Networks for Bloggers with Recurring or One-Time High Paying Commissi

No product to sell?  No problem. Fortunately, in the 21st century, you can make great money even if you don't have your own product.  As an affiliate,

Lots of Excuses, and Yet a Glimmer of Hope: NSP 4 Report for February 2019

Excuses, excuses, and more excuses. And yet, I'm starting to see a glimmer of hope! I'll cut right to the chase.  The earnings for my site for the month of February was just $15.51 and that's terrible.  I've got all…The post Lots of Excuses, and Yet a Glimmer of Hope:

From Niche Pursuits Newbie to Owning an Empire of 20 Businesses with Deven Soni

If you’ve ever tried to launch your own online business and failed to get it off the ground, or have thought about buying your own business and found the whole experience too complicated, then this interview is for you.

How Do You Prioritize Time When You Have Lots of Projects and New Ideas?

I have a serious problem.  I'm addicted to new ideas. In fact, in all of the personality tests I've taken, the aspect that always ranks the highest is my ability to come up with creative and new ideas to problems. …The post How Do You Prioritize Time When You Have Lots of Projects and New Ideas?

NSP 4 Update for January 2019: The Good, the Bad, and the Spammy Links

When I started Niche Site Project 4, I knew that there would be both good and bad moments to share along the way.  As much as it pains me a little share some of the things that don't go as…The post NSP 4 Update for January 2019: The Good, the Bad,

How to Apply to Google Adsense and Actually Get Approved

I first applied to Google Adsense back in 2005 or 2006.  Since that time, I have applied and gotten approved many times for related business entities or helping others set up their own Google Adsense accounts.  Each time,

ClickFunnels vs. InstaPage: I Tried Both! [Review + Recommendation]

The way people build websites has rapidly evolved over the years. And it's not just the “how” that has evolved, but the “what” as well. Static websites, dynamic websites, and subcategories of both came to life, like websites built entirely…The post ClickFunnels vs. InstaPage:

How To Get Started Reselling Concert Tickets

Ticket reselling has always gotten a bad rap (mainly because it’s illegal in many states). Lots of people see scalpers as sleazy, and possibly con artists.

19 Simple Ways to Get Scammed Online: I Did It and So Can You!

Everyone wants to get scammed online.  It's a rite of passage in the 21st century. What feels better than truly believing you are buying something only to find out later that your money went to some scammer halfway around the…The post 19 Simple Ways to Get Scammed Online:

SamCart Review: Say Goodbye to Cart Abandonment With This Checkout Platform

Cart abandonment is an issue for e-commerce sites. About 70% of users on average abandon their carts for a myriad of reasons. Now, as an online store owner, it's easy to lose your minds and claim that the sky is…The post SamCart Review:

Meet Edgar Review: Set Your Social Media Management On Auto-Pilot

Managing multiple social media accounts can be time-consuming. Every platform has its own set of rules to follow. And hopping from one social media platform to another is a pain. Lucky for you, there are tools to ease the burden…The post Meet Edgar Review:

Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report for December 2018

As I sit down to write this new monthly report for Niche Site Project 4, it's hard to believe that it's been about 4 months since the first article was published on my new site. I'll be honest, making it…The post Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report for December 2018 appeared first on Niche Pursuits.

Membermouse Review: Create a Profitable Membership Site on WordPress in Minutess

Smart entrepreneurs can make great profits by launching membership sites. This is all thanks to the recurring payments that come with membership. Building this type of site, however, is no walk in the park. You will need infrastructure or platform…The post Membermouse Review:

Beaver Builder Review: WordPress Landing Page Creation Made Easy!

Building a landing page and testing it is one of the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers. And for marketers with no design or coding experience, these tasks are daunting. Those without the know-how can't even fathom where to…The post Beaver Builder Review:

How Long Does it Take to Make Money From a New Website or Blog?

Let's say you have an idea for a new website or blog and you start it today.  How long should you expect to wait before you start making money? The answer to that question obviously depends on a ton of…The post How Long Does it Take to Make Money From a New Website or Blog?

Merch Informer Review: Maximize The Potential of Your Amazon Merch Business

Merch by Amazon, also known as Amazon Merch in some circles, makes it easy to sell shirts online. The platform allows users to upload shirt designs and sell them at no cost. When customers order, Amazon handles the printing and…The post Merch Informer Review:

Short Pixel Review: Make WordPress Load Faster By Compressing Your Images

Content creators are often put in an awkward position when it comes to images. They are encouraged to add pictures. In fact, posts with compelling images experience 94% more views on average than their boring counterparts. There is a downside,…The post Short Pixel Review:

Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report for November 2018

Niche Site Project 4 continues to roll on!  Over the past few months, I've been working diligently on my site and today I'll be sharing the results for the previous month (November). In some regards,

Divi Review: Is It The Be-All-End-All of WordPress Themes?

There are over 3,000 free GPL-licensed themes for WordPress. Themeforest, a commercial theme repository, alone has 8,600 premium themes available for purchase and download. The number of available themes continues to grow each passing day. As a result, choosing from…The post Divi Review:

Thrive Themes Review (Best Conversion Focused Themes and Plugins for WordPress)

If you’re an online entrepreneur who uses WordPress, you’ve probably heard about Thrive Themes. But in case you’re not familiar with the brand,

KDP Rocket Review: Best Research Software For Kindle Publishers?

Perhaps you have invested so much time and effort in writing a book. You’ve carried out extensive research and improved your craft while working on your daily word count. Like most authors, once the book is completed, they try to…The post KDP Rocket Review:

OptinMonster Review (Streamline your List Building Efforts)

The statement “the money is in the list” is now a cliché on the internet and that proves the importance of building an email list for your business. Regardless of what you do online,

Jungle Scout Review: The Best Amazon Product Research Tool?

If you're planning to sell on Amazon, perhaps the most important question you have to answer is “what am I going to sell?”  Sure, plenty of people shop on Amazon, but if your product is flooded with low priced competitors…The post Jungle Scout Review: The Best Amazon Product Research Tool?

Instapage Review: How Does This Landing Page Creator Compare Against the Best?

You want to create beautiful landing pages but can't do a single line of code. How would you ever be able to gather new leads and sell products online then? You have two options: hire a web designer or do…The post Instapage Review: How Does This Landing Page Creator Compare Against the Best?

LandingCube Review: An Amazon Landing Page Builder for Increasing Sales with Coupon Codes

Profiting from an e-commerce site is never as easy as it seems. The average conversion rate for the top 500 online retailers is 3.32%. This according to an article from Digital Commerce 360. Compare that to Amazon's conversion rate of…The post LandingCube Review:

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