Freelancing From a Friggin Battleship

Freelancing From a Battleship I am super stoked about this next post. It is about a buddy of mine who is literally serving for the US Military on a friggin battleship. We all tend to make excuses like we don’t have time or I will get to it later….well what’s your excuse now? A freelancer is […]

UpSellit Review: 3 Ways Product Recommendations Increase Value per Visitor

As many marketers are starting to realize, we are in the age of personalization. From the ability to customize shoes, to picking the linings of a suit, countless retailers are getting behind the personalization movement.

Everflow Performance Marketing Platform Review: A Better Solution?

Everflow provides a next generation Performance Marketing Platform for tracking and managing your partners across in-app and desktop environments.  With Everflow you can seamlessly track: affiliates, influencers, referral partnerships and all of your paid marketing channels.

TestoGen Review

Testosterone is what makes you a man. It is what gives you the push to perform at your best. It is normal for testosterone levels to drop as men get older. This has been referred to as the male menopause. When this happens, there is a drop in libido, weight gain, fatigue, depression,

Phenq Review

PhenQ is the next-gen fat burner that bears multiple actions against fat with the help of its sophisticated formula. The company claims that one PhenQ pill has the power of five powerful weight loss pills. While PhenQ might be relatively new to the market compared to other slimming supplements,

Male Extra Review

The importance of sex can never be overemphasized. Sex is an important factor in human existence. Aside nutritional needs one essential factor that makes for fulfillment is sexual satisfaction. For a man, sex is not enjoyable without a good erection. A good erection makes for an intense orgasm.

CrazyBulk Review

Having a well built body is not just for attractiveness, it is an indication of healthy living. We all want to look fit and healthy because it gives confidence and it draws the admiration of others. Everywhere in the media,

Viasil Review: Does It Really Work?

Viasil Review It has been recorded that about 30 million men in the United States alone suffer from erectile dysfunction. Apart from the psychological effect and trauma it causes to victims, a recent research has discovered that men with erectile dysfunction have the likelihood of dying early.

7 Tips to Building a Global Community for Your Business

Have you ever wanted to start your own business, to create, market, sell, and build a following of loyal consumers who will purchase and advertise your products? These days, it’s more possible than ever to start your dream job by simply taking the right steps to market your product! However,

Express Revenue Review: Things You Need to Know

Are you a seasoned affiliate marketer looking for an effective way to manage multiple websites and campaigns while making the most money possible?

Landerapp Review: Things You Need to Know

Landerapp Review: Beautiful landing pages that complement your marketing efforts excellently Landing pages form the lifeline of your online marketing strategy. So it makes perfect sense to focus on putting together a powerful and intriguing landing page,

Link Whisper is Coming Soon! A Smarter Way to Build Internal Links in WordPress

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I had “secretly” been working on building a premium WordPress Plugin. Well, I'm now happy to share that the development of that plugin, Link Whisper,

Crowd Cow Craft Beef Customer Service Experience

In this video, I share with you my recent customer service experience with a steak order from Crowd Cow. I ordered four Cowboy Ribeyes but was sent four Porterhouse steaks that were mislabeled as ribeyes. Watch the video to see what Crowd Cow did about it.

5 Powerful Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use in 2019

In such a fast-paced digital era, entrepreneurs need to remain on top of their game. Allow me to enlighten you with the “Top 5 Powerful Tools for Entrepreneurs” that I use. They can help you organize your entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Ezoic Review: Can You Increase Display Ad Earnings By 232% With No Work?

You're about as apt to get struck by a meteor as you are by work-free, passive income. If it were that easy, you'd probably be watching Seinfeld reruns instead of reading Niche Pursuits. I don't blame you. But let me…The post Ezoic Review: Can You Increase Display Ad Earnings By 232% With No Work?

How to Make the Most of Social Video as Demand Continues to Boom

At some point around the turn of the millennium, the internet started to completely change the way people consume content and information. More recently, the rise of mobile and social media have changed the way websites, businesses and brands create content to engage with new audiences.

Dwell Time: The Ultimate Guide for Bloggers to Improve It In 2019 

You may have heard the term “dwell time”. Did you know that by improving your website’s dwell time, you can achieve better search rankings along with better user experience? If you’re curious to know all the details about dwell time, you’re in the right place.

7 Smart Ways to Use Promo Codes In Your eCommerce Business

People love a good deal. In fact, 96% of Americans use promo codes and coupons. But how can you get promo codes to work for you so that you don’t break the bank? As an eCommerce store owner, you’ve always got to be looking for inventive ways to bring in new customers,

Oh BTW I’m Building a Cyborg Dragon

Elon Musk said he would send his car into space and he did. He said he would make and sell a flame thrower and he did. Now he’s saying he’s building a cyborg dragon. Normally, you would write off a comment like that but with Elon Musk, you never know! Will he build it? And if he does, would you […]

South OC Cars & Coffee – You Can Buy This Electric Porsche 914!

In this episode of the Dot Com Lifestyle Vlog, I take Widget to South OC Cars and Coffee to charge up the Tesla and check out the cool cars, and there were lot of them. Stand out vehicles include a convertible SUV, a Sunbean with three on the tree, a 750HP Gembella GTR that took a year to import,

ClickConfirmation and Global Ad Investment Trends and Forecasts for 2018

A new report from Juniper Research has found that advertisers will lose an estimated $19 billion in fraudulent activities next year, equivalent to $51 million per day. This figure, representing advertising on online and mobile devices, will continue to rise, reaching $44 billion by 2022.

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