But That’s Impossible!

When people ask me about how I got started with this career in freelance writing, I half-jokingly respond that it happened “accidentally on purpose.” It’s my go-to answer. What I mean is that I’ve always had an interest in writing, and have been doing so on the Internet for 20 years,

Self-Sabotage: Success is Impossible Until You Get Yourself Out of the Way

Are you preventing your business or blog from being successful? Are you absolutely sure? I suspect that none of us has achieved success as quickly as we could have. I know for a fact that some people repeatedly self-sabotage because I lived through it with them.

Social media: a revolutionary change that is impossible to ignore

Social media is now considered a vital asset to campaign strategy. Brands need to recognize that these communication platforms aren't passing fads; they are staples of modern marketing.

Truth Talk: Is This Internet Marketing Stuff… Impossible or Unrealistic?

Let's discuss it! What problems, challenges or hurdles are you experiencing right now? Or maybe you can just toss me a random one that you've experienced in the past, maybe something that stopped you from getting results, or from following through on an awesome idea...

Disabling the Data Discord and Enabling the Data

The volume of data that's available today is growing exponentially, creating data-driven personalized experiences in both the physical and digital worlds.

9 Reasons Why Making Money Online Is Easier Than Keeping It

Written by Andrei Polgar Most of the people who earn a living online such as you and me don’t understand just how privileged they are to be able to do so. Through this guest post, I will try to explain why making money online is multiple orders of magnitude easier than keeping it.

Why You SHOULDN’T Have New Years Resolutions

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people making positive changes in their lives. My message here is that most people making New Years resolutions simply will NOT stick to them or complete them as they want to. Why? Because they’re using the New Year as their reasoning to make change.

You Can’t Always Do It Alone, Your Team Is Strength

Think you can do it all alone? Anyone who’s been in business for a while understands that this is impossible. As you navigate business and life, you’ll face challenges. Especially in a fast-paced corporate career, hurdles will present themselves. I enjoy the hurdles because they help me grow,

5 Website Mistakes You Have To Avoid In 2017

A business without a website is like a shop without a front window. It’s difficult to find, hard to trust, and impossible to understand what’s on offer. In an increasingly sophisticated digital age, a business website is simply a must. Although websites today are relatively easy to create,

4 Software Tools for Blogger Outreach

Blogging is so streamlined that you can easily find influential people within your niche and contact them directly. If you look back several years ago, getting some of authority to help you out would have been impossible. This is NOT because they don’t want to help a beginner,

How to Build Rock Solid Trust Online So Your Best Prospects Buy

So picture this: you’re strolling along in a major department store, cold drink in hand, on one of the hottest days of the year. All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, in walk two extremely large males,

Free Alternatives to Popular Paid Software

A penny saved is a penny earned. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I like to tell people that I’m not cheap; I’m “strategically frugal.” All jokes aside, there are definitely circumstances where you should spend more money to make more money. That’s why I outsource certain tasks and services,

Some Things to Avoid When Doing B2B Content Marketing

Business to business marketing is important especially if you are in the niche of b2b based profits. Many times we’ll market to consumers however b2b is also massive is that what helps meet your bottom line. As a matter of fact,

5 Health Issues You Can’t Overlook When Working From Home

There are innumerable reasons why you might consider going into business for yourself, particularly when it comes to ventures like affiliate marketing, professional blogging, and other online businesses with minimal startup costs or overhead, and near limitless potential.

How To Bring A Stagnant Blog Back To Life

Ingenuity is the mother of all invention. What sets you apart as a blogger is your ability to step out of the current, and try something completely different. Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates all had grand visions for their companies and the confidence to accept nothing less.

5 Image Gallery Plugins for WordPress

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if you have more than one or two pictures that you want you to share with your audience? Or maybe you’re a photographer, and you want to proudly showcase part of your portfolio on your website. As great as WordPress may be on its own,

Tips To Use LinkedIn To Improve Your Blog

I’ve never really played around with LinkedIn too much however many have mentioned it is a powerful tool to connect with people. You’ve probably read my previous posts where I mentioned social media platforms weren’t really my thing and I have accounts on Twitter, Google and Facebook.

5 Key Lessons From Top YouTubers

I’ve had a YouTube channel since 2006, around the same time I started blogging over at Beyond the Rhetoric. Coincidentally, this is also around the same time that I met John Chow for the first time. Oh, and as it turns out John’s YouTube channel started up in 2006 as well. Go figure. At the time,

10 Blogging Lessons You Can Learn from Print Media

Progress marches on! It’s a brave new world and the internet is becoming the new reality. Gone are the days when we would peruse through the glossy pages of a magazine and read newspapers that were delivered daily to our front door.

53 Blogging Prompts For When You Have Writer’s Block

Depending on how you choose to define what “blogging” really means, I’ve been writing content on the Internet for 20 years. I started out with an email newsletter, which I sent out manually to a curated mailing list, before moving on to a couple of Geocities websites (remember Geocities?).

What Richard Branson Taught Me About Blogging

Richard Branson is one of the greatest business minds ever and has changed the way we fly and do business. For those of you not familiar with him, he is the founder of Virgin Atlantic with an estimated worth of 4.9 billion as of October 2014. I know your asking yourself:

Podcast 156: How Miles Beckler Went From Affiliate Products On MySpace To 100,000+ Subscribers On Yo

In today’s episode, I’m excited to introduce you to Miles Beckler from MilesBeckler.com. Miles has been helping his wife operate and grow their site, Ask-Angels.com, for many years. Even though we don’t spend much time chatting about this specific site,…The post Podcast 156:

Successful Website Migration: Non-SEO Observations and Conclusions

There’s hardly anything more stressful for a website owner than a major site change: be it the website migration, its redesign, or both. Four months ago, this very website had undergone a complete makeover. It included its full redesign, multiple-URL update, and a migration to a new environment.

Three Resources That Will Save Marketers Money In 2019

As bloggers, content creation and brand marketers, we know how expensive running a business on the internet can truly be. Sure, start up costs and running the day to day operations are often much lower than the costs associated with running a brick and mortar business,

Brand Design: How Should Businesses Approach This?

Branding is one of the most crucial aspects of a business. A brand represents a business’ name and its ideals to the wider world. Stanford Business School recognizes that a brand is a business’ promise to a customer.

Simple Direct Guide on How to Start Online Arbitrage from Anywhere in the World

If you’ve been into the internet space for quite some time now, you’ve probably noticed how online arbitrage has been the trend these days.  As I am an avid traveler, I try to do things with systems and setups. Now that I recently got into Amazon FBA as well gotten back into traveling, I needed […]

6 Small Business Tips To A Successful Launch In 2019

You have a small business idea and you’re ready to bring it to market. This is great, but not many new business owners know the challenges of launching their first small business. From business website to small business bank account,

What is “A.I. Powered” Anyways?

We see it everywhere: A.I. Powered this, A.I. Powered that. What does it even mean? Click to find out!

Why I Decided to Turn Off Blog Comments for Speed, Sorry Disqus

I have decided to turn off commenting on my blog. The reason, it just loads forever and as you know speed is everything these days when it comes to the internet. Also, there isn’t much activity on the blog comment system as it was when I first started online. The crazy part is we as […]

The Ultimate Checklist to Select Social Media Tools for Your Small Business

Social media is one of the most effective marketing platforms for your small business. Through social media, you can connect with your audience, build trust, and turn them into loyal customers. Furthermore, your business will gain more profit and scale up. However,

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Media Platform is Good for Your Business?

What comes to your mind when you hear the words Google or Facebook? To business owners and marketers, Google is more than a search engine and Facebook is way beyond the usual chit-chat. These two media platforms have changed the course of advertising. We cannot fight them,

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